I’m a learning and talent development consultant and coach based in South Bend, Indiana.  Growing and developing talent is my passion, whether that’s one on one, or in a corporate setting, helping your staff develop new skills to meet your business needs is my goal. 


Good talent is difficult to find and even more difficult to keep.  Baby Boomers are leaving the workforce in droves, Gen Y and Xer’s are not far behind them.  Millennials now incorporate % of the workforce at 75.4 million.  But is your organization ready for them and do you have your replacement pipeline in place for key manager and leadership positions?


Many smaller employers don’t have a training department but still need to have trained employees.  Sending individuals to a variety of external training programs leads to a lack of continuity of information learned, misses the opportunity to build in your company’s culture and approach and doesn’t allow you to fully understand their skills and talents.


Findings from the global 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey show that success and happiness at work goes well beyond the bottom line.


More than six in 10 Millennials (63%) say their “leadership skills are not being fully developed.” When asked to rate the skills and attributes on which businesses place the most value (and are prepared to pay the highest salaries),  Millennials pointed to “leadership” as being the most prized.


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Customized Training and Development
  • Customized training and facilitation for your team on your training programs, or for training designed by TalentEvolutions. ​


  • Supervisor Development program is customized to the attendees based upon survey results from managers and attendees.

  • Assessments that identify job fit as well as attendees' level of emotional intelligence which impacts work relationship, communications, etc.



Dynamic Coaching Services
  • Coaching and Support for Managers and employees based on manager feedback and assessments results to allow individuals to be as successful in their role as possible.


  • Talent Development and Succession Planning services use assessments to ensure an individual is a good fit for a role. It also allows managers to focus on each individual's strengths for increased success on the job.


  • Individual Development Plans provide a roadmap for development and are the culmination of the process to ensure individuals have a development path to success.

Leadership Assessment and Development
  • Identify and assess high potential talent for an individual, a department or for key positions at all levels of the organization using assessments and work performance.


  • Identify training and development needs using assessments and surveys.  This allows us to customize the program for each class's specific needs.


  • Draft an individual development plan for each individual including training, work experiences, education, etc. needed to succeed at the next level.

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