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Frequently Asked Questions



Will you provide training in our location?


    Yes, if it's within 100 miles of South Bend, IN


Do you provide coaching for individuals who are struggling in their roles?



     Yes and I also recommend using the Caliper to identify areas where the individual may be struggling with the role.


Can you provide training for my newly hired managers and supervisors?


     Yes!  I run a Supervisor Development Program through Renaissance Executive Forums.  The next Class begins in January 2019.



Do you have assessments that can identify potential supervisors?


     Yes!  I use the Caliper Profile for job fit and am certified in the EQi for emotional intelligence, which impacts how             effectively an individual interacts and communicates with others.


     The EQi can also be used for teams/groups that need to work more effectively together.



Contact me today to learn more!


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