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Identifying and Developing Your High Potentials

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Like most organizations, you need to identify individuals considered "high potentials" or those likely to be successful in management or leadership roles. But how do you go about doing so?

Unfortunately, many organizations tend to promote individuals who are solid performers in their current roles vs. those who show potential to rise to higher levels. This often leads to individuals who are promoted into positions for which they are not adequately prepared.

Below are tips to ensure your organization selects Emerging Leaders with the foundational skills to be great leaders!

  1. Utilize assessments to identify those with the core characteristics of good leaders. They don't have to have them all but need a good start to grow and develop those skills. My "go-to's" are the Caliper Profile for job fit and development and the EQi-2.0 for Emotional Intelligence which measures one's ability to recognize and understand how another person needs to receive the communication. Do they need facts and figures, analysis, reports? Or are they more concerned with how a decision will impact others?

  2. Find a training program that isn't a "one and done" approach. Learning to lead others takes time, humility, and strength. It also requires good listening skills vs. always being the one talking. So, where to start?

  3. Provide effective instruction; it's the foundation of learning, but exercises and/or hands-on experiences are key to putting the knowledge to work in everyday situations. Follow-up on and accountability for what the individual agreed to do to what they learned is critical.

  4. Develop an effective network. Having peers or other leaders who have "been there before" is extremely helpful in working through tough situations with you.

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