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The Importance of Using Assessments when Identifying and Developing Leaders

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

So, your top technical performer is doing an excellent job. He/she is inventive, hardworking and "gets" all of the aspects of his/her job. He/she is excelling so what do you do? You promote him/her to a manager. So often this fails because the manager did not take the time to identify and support the individual's strengths and instead focused on his or her weakness.

The Caliper profile provides insights into an individual's strengths as well as their areas of weakness and provides data for job fit. Taking the time to Focus on people's strengths vs. their weaknesses allows them to be more successful at their job. Managers need to give employees tasks that focus on strengths, versus pushing something on them that clearly isn't their strength. Then find someone who can take care of those remaining tasks that fit his/her strengths as well. The

I work with my clients to fully understand their mission, vision and values and to incorporate them into my training. Learning their pain points as well as those of the individuals who enter my training programs is a key part of my process. Both the manager and the individual complete a survey to gather their insights as to the participants training needs. I then look for trends amongst participating companies and then develop my curriculum.

The EQi 2.0 assessment on Emotional Intelligence provides valuable information on whether or not an individual will effectively communicate with others to get things done.

TalentEvolutions is focused on the evolution of your talent for better business results. Contact me today to learn more!

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