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Developing & Nurturing Talent for Better Business Results! 

We assist companies in identifying, assessing and selecting their next line of leaders.


Good talent is challenging to find and even more difficult to keep.  Baby Boomers are leaving the workforce in droves, and Gen Y and Xer’s are not far behind them.  Millennials now incorporate a significant part of the workforce at 75.4 million.  But is your organization ready for them, and do you have your replacement pipeline for critical manager and leadership positions?

More than six in 10 Millennials (63%) say their “leadership skills are not being fully developed.” Yet, when asked to rate the skills and attributes businesses place the most value on (and are prepared to pay the highest salaries),  Millennials pointed to “leadership” as being the most prized.


Many smaller employers don’t have a training department but still, need trained employees.  Sending individuals to various external training programs leads to a lack of continuity of information learned, misses the opportunity to build in your company’s culture and approach, and doesn’t allow you to understand their skills and talents fully.


Findings from the global Deloitte Millennial Survey show that success and happiness at work go well beyond the bottom line.

That is where TalentEvolutions can help! 


Why TalentEvolutions?

Each of my clients is unique and deserves a customized approach to growing and developing their talent.  Your organization faces unique challenges with diverse employee populations. Its culture drives expectations and desired outcomes.

TalentEvolutions is focused on the evolution of your talent for better business results. 


With over 30 years of experience in Human Resources, our founder, Kimberli Mock has spent the last 18 years in Training and Development, Course Development, Training Facilitation, Assessments, Coaching, and Succession Planning.

" I love helping people have that "ah ha" moment that makes them see the world differently.  I enjoy helping people understand themselves and others through assessments, all leading to learning and positive change for them and their companies." 

That's what TalentEvolutions is all about. 

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